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Koi fish in thorns tattoo sleeve by Tattewdiepie Koi fish in thorns tattoo sleeve by Tattewdiepie
This was done for a tattoo contest that didn't win.  So currently the concept is just laying dormant with no one to ink it on.  Koi fish was referenced by a image in the public domain but the concept as a whole was inspired by me.

If you would like to commission a sleeve design similar to this I can create something for you of the same quality for $200CAD or $150US.  I love to draw koi fish and water designs so please don't hesitate to ask.

The elements I have included.
1. Being a koi swimming up stream = Life struggle
2. Navigating life's snags along the way. = The thorn bush symbolizes the battle you are having whatever it may be. The koi fish if you notice has hit a couple snags on the way but is determined to keep going. Even though a little scratched and bruised it is strong enough to make it.
3. Stones for customized initials or words to be placed on

I have spent a lot of time and care on this and if you look closely all the freehand/line work has been done with traditional tools
-pastel crayons

- I adjusted the colors and highlights in photoshop and better framed the design for an arm and shoulder sleeve.

You know no one has purchased this design so if you want this design I will put it here at a discounted price of 120$US.  The original contest I made it for was for 500$ so your getting it at about a fraction of the price. If you purchase please leave your email in a note and I can make the stencil for you to take to a tattooist to get inked.  If you would like me to customize it before I send the stencil I can add initials, symbols, or a two to three word phrase for an extra 16$.  If you purchase that option please include in the note that you paid for the custom version and include- What font you want- what words or initials you want and how you want it to be placed on the rocks.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  By downloading the premium content you signal a pre-order on the stencil and the 80$ is a down-payment for the 120$ tattoo stencil to be made.  By just downloading at 80$ you only get the original image without watermark at 1618x2221 pixels.  So please leave a note with your purchase and I can direct you how to finish the payment through paypal.... since DA only lets me sell the premium content at 80$ max.  So that is why I have to do it that way.

I sell flash tattoos with their stencils on this account so if you like this please check out my other tattoos here…

Also please donate on my front page if you like my work- I could really use the support right now. 
If you do choose this design please let me thank-you for your patronage.
Satilinethejay Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2016
That's cool
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December 14, 2016
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